PME OFFERING - What we provide to our customers

PME Services is offering a Contract Service Plan providing service and support for hardware and software maintenance and repairs. The Contract includes preventive maintenance visits, solving of software issues with the purpose of preventing failures and minimizing the downtime of your normal activity.
We will regularly identify and replace hardware components that are performing badly and ensure optimal parameters for your workstations or networks.
This type of Service Plan saves you from paying hidden costs or having to disrupt your normal operations due to technical issues.
  Why a Contract Service Plan ?

Considering this option is an indication you need a better quality of service. Reading our proposal means you correctly understood  that our contract is a way of saving your time and your money and that you will not have to overload costs; our goal is to leverage your activity and ensure an optimal flow regardless of your field of operations. Our plan practically grants the customer pre-purchased on-site labour at discounted rate; the payment is only covering service time, the replaced parts or software are subject to separate fees.
Last Updated on Thursday, 08 June 2017 18:43